10 Questions Every Art Teacher Should Ask

questionMark One of my goals this coming school year is to infuse more contemporary artists and artworks into my classes for both graduate and undergraduate art education students.  While I’ve long included artists both past and present in my curriculum, I’ve had a renewed sense of the value of exploring the work and practices of contemporary artists with today’s students due in large part to several encounters I had with Art21 educators and artists this past spring (i.e., in New York at the Creative Chemistries forum, in New Orleans at the NAEA conference, and in an online lecture given by Art21’s Senior Education Adviser Joe Fusaro to our faculty and students). Teaching with contemporary art offers opportunities to engage students in new strategies and approaches for making and studying art as well as for building interdisciplinary connections across subject areas in the school curriculum (learning with art21). I find the possibilities inherent in the study of contemporary art for purposeful, inquiry-based, and meaningful art instruction and learning in schools especially appealing.

It is in the spirit of inquiry that I present the following ten questions for consideration by art teachers as they enter into the new school year, many of which I gleaned from presentations by Jessica Hamlin, Joe Fusaro, Becca Belleville, Mark Dion, Mark Bradford, Luis Camnitzer, and Oliver Herring.


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