Another “Best of 2008? List

I’ve been seeing so many “Best of 2008” lists around the blogosphere lately, I felt that I would be remiss if I didn’t do some sort of “BEST” list here on ATGI. So, I scanned back through this past year’s postings and pulled out what I felt were the “best” web sites, entries, tools, etc., and then chose 10 items to feature here—based in part on reader’s comments, but mostly on my own particular preferences.

BEST NEW WEB TOOL FOR EDUCATION: I debated here between Diigo (with their Educator accounts) and Ed.Voicethread and couldn’t decide so I flipped a coin. Ed.Voicethread won!

BEST NEW ART TEACHER’S BLOG. Hillary Andrlik and Theresa McGee, two Chicago–area elementary art teachers launched The Teaching Palette in September 2008. It’s a combination website and blog. I wish them well and look forward to reading their postings over the coming year.

BEST NEW DRAWING BLOG. Jason Polan started his blog back in March 2008 to document his attempt to draw every person in New York. I stop by his blog regularly to check on his progress.

BEST NEW ART RESOURCE. I have to go with the Columbus Museum of Art’s site featuring Ohio artist, Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson and her work. The site captures the delightful personality of the artist and the whimsical nature of her work.

BEST ANIMATION BY ONE OF MY STUDENTS. Tracy Workman’s “Best Artist Ever” video. It still gets a grin from me every time I watch it.

BEST ANIMATION POSTED ON ATGI IN 2008. “Western Spaghetti” by Pes, hands down.

BEST VIDEO I FOUND ON YOUTUBE IN 2008. While there are a number of videos I could choose here, I’ll go with “What Can Creativity Do?” which was actually posted on YouTube in 2006, but I first viewed it this past year. In second place, (also posted on YouTube prior to 2008) is a Child’s creativity.

BEST DOWNLOADABLE CURRICULUM MATERIALS IN 2008. The Booklyn Artists Alliance’s ED Manual that covers a range of bookmaking techniques and lessons.

BEST THING I READ ON THE WEB IN 2008. Lots to choose from here, but I have to go with The MacArthur Foundation’s Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project report.

BEST POSTING ON ATGI IN 2008. Taking into account readers’ responses here I have to go with my October posting Art at Dryden Elementary School, in which I talked about my visit to Tricia Fuglestad’s art room.