CREO ~ A new visual culture magazine

CREO is a new visual culture magazine for student artists and journalists (high school/first year college) that is scheduled to launch its first issue on August 1, 2009. What’s unique about this publication is that most of the contributors will be the students themselves! In other words, students have the opportunity to participate in open submissions to get their work published. All genres are welcome—including written works and stories from student journalists. Submission guidelines can be found at and the deadline for the first issue is June 30.

From their Media Kit:

More than a magazine, CREO is a work of art created with the cooperation and passion of its contributing readers. Each issue explores a theme where student artists, designers, and writers are invited to share their interpretation. We showcase the work of innovative, provocative minds from various genres to bring
a fresh and relevant voice to student publication. We celebrate risk-taking, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the desire to affect change. This format allows us to accentuate the art and visual aspect of journalism: the design is sophisticated, the writing intelligent, the content relevant. This unique perspective illuminates the experience of those who will soon visually shape our culture.

Thanks to Sarah Weerth, CREO Editor & Creative Director, for this information.