Dealing with Stereotypes in the Classroom

I came across this video last week, but being in the midst of “green week” I decided to wait and post it now. It features Queen Rania of Jordan making a personal appeal to YouTubers to send in questions and videos about common stereotypes held about the Arab world in hopes of generating cross-cultural awareness, dialogue, and understanding.

The Queen’s use of YouTube to jumpstart a global conversation about stereotypes reflects its growing worldwide presence and influence. Sadly though, YouTube is blocked from many US classrooms. So, few K-12 teachers will be able to show this video in the classroom or use it as a springboard for a video project dealing with stereotypes. There are ways to get around the school filters. For example, use a video conversion tool like to convert and download the video from YouTube to your iPod or personal computer and then transfer it to a school computer. But, that’s a lesson for another day.

Back on dispelling stereotypes. . .For teachers looking for other ways to explore stereotypes with students in the classroom, there its a great lesson plan over on read-write-think that involves high school students in analyzing, critiquing, and revising comics and cartoons that promote bias and stereotypes.

If you come across other sites or lessons dealing with stereotypes, I’d appreciate if you’d send them along so I can share them with my students and with other teachers through this blog.