IGNITE NAEA: Enlighten us, but make it quick

Ignite NAEA is just weeks away on Sunday, March 30 from 4:30- 5:50 pm. You’ll be on the edge of your seat for this fast-paced session! Colleagues will deliver a series of 5-minute presentations, communicating what they are passionate about in art
education, while 20 slides auto-advance every 15 seconds! Don’t miss NAEA’s first-ever Ignite session!

Speakers include: Deborah Brock, Janine Campbell, B. Stephen Carpenter, Juan Carlos Castro, Michelle Harrell, Mary Elizabeth Meier, Jim O’Donnell, Amy Oliveri, Craig Roland, and Ian Sands.

For more information on Ignite Talks, visit igniteshow.com.

PostScript (5.16.14): Ignite session video is available for viewing on the NAEA website. Requires login with NAEA username and password.