Light Paintings from Beijing

One of the great things about Art Education 2.0 is the photo-sharing feature that allows members to upload photos to the site. As a result, art teachers from around the globe have uploaded photos of their students’ artwork, giving us all the opportunity to see the fruits of their art programs.  For instance, Kendra Farrell, Head of the Art Department at the International School of Beijing recently uploaded several photos of light paintings created by her students. I emailed Kendra today asking for permission to post the above captivating picture and a brief description of the process her students went through to create their light paintings:

To create these light paintings, we used both SLR and simple point-and-shoot digital cameras, tripods, small led flashlights, and a dark space.  The SLR is used in manual mode that lets you set how long the shutter is open.  Likewise, set your point-and-shoot camera to M or Manual mode and go to Function, select exposure, then click on the Menu option and set the shutter for 15 seconds. This will give you plenty of time to do a painting. The ISO needs to be set at 800.

To see more light paintings by art students at the International School of Beijing, check out the art department’s Flickr page.  Kendra also reminded me of Picasso’s playful light paintings featured in Life Magazine.  I did a quick search of the Web as well and came across this gallery of Michael Bosanko’s light paintings on the Guardian’s web site.

Enjoy. :7)  [Thanks, Kendra!]