Smart Board Workshop

This past week I led an inservice workshop for our local elementary art teachers here in Gainesville on using Smart Boards in the art classroom. This was a challenge for me in the sense that up until a week ago my only experiences with interactive whiteboards was having seen them in use in two art classrooms and at a conference. But, with the help of a tech-savvy student teacher Meridith Coen and her cooperating teacher Tish Kilpatrick we were able to put on quite a show.

For my part, I put together two collections of websites (see below) to share with the teachers using, which I first learned about over on The Teaching Palette. LiveBinders translates the conventional practice of storing documents in 3-ring binders to an online environment. Once you create a binder on the LiveBinders’ site you can then save various types of Web content such as Web pages, PDF files, Word documents, links, images, and videos in it, using tabs to organize the content. In short, it’s a great way to organize all sorts of “digital stuff” and make it easily accessible in the classroom.

All is all, it was a very informative session. Thanks to Meridith, Tish, and Theresa McGee for pointing out LiveBinders.