The Art Education 2.0 Manifesto – My thoughts on the role of technology in the art classroom. (2007)

Art Education, Collaboration, and the Internet – In this 2003 unpublished paper, I discuss the role of online curriculum projects in promoting collaboration between art classrooms over the Internet.

Big Questions, Little Kids – In this 1998 unpublished article, I talk about the important role that teacher questioning plays in the art classroom.

The Community Maps Project – A 2002 published paper in which I discuss a collaborative art-making project that we have staged several times over the years in Gainesville, FL with UF art students and local school-age children.

Creativity and Art Education: A New Look at an Old Relationship – A paper published as a NAEA Advisory in Fall 1991 in which I discuss research on creativity and its implications for teaching art.

Designing, Drawing, Thinking – A short article published in SchoolArts Magazine in May 1987 that looks at the use of design and drawing to promote student thinking.

Ethics and Computers: Implications for Teaching Art – In this 1996 unpublished paper I discuss the important role that teachers play in imparting to students the underlying values necessary to ensure proper use of technology in schools, the workplace and our daily lives.  (Related Case Scenarios)

Improving Student Thinking Through Elementary Art Instruction – In this 1992 published paper, I establish a basis for taking a “holistic” approach to teaching thinking in the art classroom.

Internet Survey for Art Teachers: The Results – In this 2006 online survey, 198 participants responded to questions regarding their Internet use.I also conducted a second online survey in 2007 in which 225 participants responded.