Ten Assessment Resources for Art Teachers

Not everything that matters can be measured, and not everything that is measured matters.

~ Elliot Eisner

I recently collected the following ten assessment resources for an upcoming online course I’m teaching this Spring. Collectively they demonstrate that there are a variety of ways to document and assess student learning and performance in Art classes.

  1. MobileMe Gallery – Reflections of Me: 2P Self Portraits
    A 2nd grade teacher documents her students’ growth in an observational drawing unit involving self portraiture.
  2. Student Podcast – Self Assessment Activity
    A student at the Shanghai American School in China produced this podcast to share her sources of inspiration for a perspective project as well as her aesthetic and creation choices.
  3. Reflecting Like an Artist: Student Self Assessment
    Tips on encouraging self-assessment in student artists.
  4. Art Critiques Made Easy
    Tips for leading classroom discussions about works of art.
  5. Outside the Test: Student Performance Assessments
    A brief explanation on using performance assessments in the arts.
  6. Portfolios: Assessment Across the Arts: An introduction for arts educators to portfolio assessment
    A brief explanation on the use of portfolios in art classes.
  7. Frank Curkovic’s Art Units
    Browse this extensive wiki maintained by Frank Curkovic, a secondary art teacher at an International School in Japan, for art unit plans and numerous rubrics.
  8. Arts Assessments (PDF)
    This 43-page comprehensive booklet (PDF) put together by Jessica Balsley provides examples of what states, schools and art teachers around the country are doing regarding arts assessments.
  9. Assessment in the Arts
    The New York State Education Department is developing model assessments in the arts (dance, music, theatre, visual arts) for voluntary implementation by local school districts. When completed, the High School (Grade 9) Arts Assessments will be available in a digital format. Download a Sampler of High School Visual Arts Assessments.
  10. The Nation’s Report Card: Arts 2008 Music & Visual Arts: Executive Summary
    The National Assessment of Educational Progress report is part of a periodic federal look at how America’s students fare in various subjects. This report covers Art and Music.
  11. I invite readers to post links to other assessment resources that may interest art teachers in the comments section.