Warhol + YouTube

Just got back from Chicago where I visited Trisha Fuglestad’s art classroom, which I hope to write about this weekend. Meanwhile, the following two items popped up today as I was catching up on my email, Twitter universe, and RSS feeds. I’m passing them along here with the thought that they suggest ideas for connecting the school art curriculum to the visual culture of the Web and mainstream media, which kids are immersed in today.

The first is an recording of an interview with Sherri Geldin, Director of the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio who talks about Andy Warhol’s new relevance in this era of YouTube and reality TV on NPR’s Talk of the Nation (October 8, 2008). Geldin’s talk is connected to a new exhibit at the Wexner called “Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms” that runs through February 2009. You can listen to Geldin’s talk here.

The second item is titled “The rise and rise of the YouTube generation, and how adults can help” by Bobbie Johnson in The Guardian (October 6, 2008), which Jeff Utecht pointed to in a recent posting. Johnson references Video Republic, a study put out this week by a European think tank called Demos that looks at the alternative realm of video creation and exchange, dominated by young people today. Among the many important recommendations made by the authors of the study, one in particular caught my attention: “The formal education system should draw on the expertise of arts-based initiatives to unlock the potential of the video making currently taking place in the informal sphere.”