Web Sightings for January 2009

web sightings

Let’s get the New Year rolling with 10 Web sites that caught my attention over the past couple weeks:

Have you ever seen a museum or gallery exhibition that got you so excited you wanted to jump for joy?   These people did.

Check out the top art blogs at AllTop.

Let Art Talk is a community arts organization that uses art as an educational tool to empower people and communities at the grassroots level.

Looking for a grant score to fund an innovative art program at the elementary or middle school level?  If so, check out the Airborne Teacher Trust Fund that will be awarding funds to elementary and middle school teachers and their schools to help innovative art and music programs get off the ground.

Here’s a different approach to fund raising.  If you have a school-based program that you want to implement that goes beyond what your (usually disadvantaged) school will support, you can post  a proposal on the DonorsChoose.org website and ask microphilanthropists for a few hundred dollars in direct project support.

Watch as Benjamin Zander, Conductor and Music Director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, helps unlock the boundless potential of a 15 year-old cellist and teaches the audience what it means to live in a world of possibility.

TakingItGlobal, a social network for social good, recently relaunched their website.  Check it out!

Gallery owner, Mary Boone, on “Why Art Matters” especially in these hard economic times.

Photographer Dawoud Bey offers helpful advise to aspiring young artists.

The FlickSchoolWiki is the latest version of helpful resources created by Marco Torres and his students for teachers and students who want to learn the “needs to know” of multimedia production.  (also see Torres’ blog)