Web Sightings for October 2009

Here are ten October treats:

1. With Halloween coming up at the end of this month, check out Mark Newport’s knitted super hero costumes at the Greg Kucera Gallery. (See Q&A with Newport on Smithsonian.com)

2. Also, don’t miss Nick Cave’s embroidered “sound suits” at the Jack Shainman Gallery, which are embellished with materials like twigs, socks, and pom-poms.

3. Who will win ArtPrize, the world’s largest art prize? Competition taking place in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA) from September 23 – October 10, 2009.

4. Speaking of art competitions, the 2009 Contemporary Art Award given by the Waikato Art Museum in New Zealand to Dane Mitchell’s “Collateral” has caused a stir. TVNZ’s Close Up segment on the award-winning work would make a good discussion starter in the classroom.

5. Artful Citizenship is a 3rd-5th grade social studies and language arts curriculum that uses design and propaganda materials from the collection of the Wolfsonian-Florida International University to teach students to become informed and responsible members of society.

6. As a follow-up to the Fritz Scholder exhibition at the NMAI I attended this past summer , I recently came across this 1996 Academy of Achievement interview with the artist that would make a good resource for a student research project.

7. Have you ever tried to explain the difference between art and design to your students? This article on WebDesigner Depot will help.

8. Here are 100 Awesome Lectures for Art Enthusiasts from Online Colleges.

9. Watch artist Dale Berning demonstrate drawing to music, in this video from the Guardian and Observer Guides to Drawing and Painting.

10. Lastly, you may want to bookmark this advocacy article on Why Schools With Arts Programs Do Better At Narrowing Achievement Gaps by Sandra S. Ruppert in Education Week (September 23, 2009).