Web Sightings for October


Color in Motion is an animated and interactive experience that explores color communication and color symbolism. Designed by Claudia Cortes for her MFA Thesis in Computer Graphics Design at RIT.

Here are 10 book artists that will make you and your students look at books in new ways.

If you’re a fan of map art, like I am, you’ll want to bookmark Creative Mapping, which is dedicated to creative uses of maps in art and how to map information creatively.

Try this with your family, friends, or students. Plan a Portrait Party where you and a fellow artist pair up and draw portraits of one another. You can then swap the portraits you drew or submit them to this site.

If you teach pinhole photography, John Chiara and his super-sized pinhole camera will surely inspire your students.

Doodlers Anonymous is a permanent home for spontaneous art. There’s a blog, interviews, themed-based submissions, and lots of amusing thoughts on paper.

Cassidy Curtis’ Graffiti Archaeology project is a time-lapse collage, made of photos of San Francisco graffiti taken by many different photographers from 1998 to the present. The site lets viewers explore the contested space of this visual urban landscape over time.

Check out the stunning portfolio of Acconci Studio, a collaborative international architecture and design firm founded by New York artist Vito Acconci. [via Design for Mankind]

Blu is a graffiti/street artist from Bologna, Italy. His work has popped up all over the Web, most notably here. Fans can follow Blu’s work through his blog.

Lastly, I found this New York Times’ article on the importance of sleep in improving creativity and problem-solving of interest. Perhaps, we need to schedule nap periods in school?